Meridian Brothers

Meridian Brothers

Meridian Brothers

From Bogotá – Colombia, this is a rock and psychedelic band. The group started as a solo laboratory for sound of the composer Eblis Alvarez. Since 2007 the project went live formed by a group of university friends: María Valencia (sax, clarinet and percussion), Eblis Alvarez (vocals, guitar and direction), Mauricio Ramirez, replacing Damian Ponce in 2016 (drums), Alejandro Forero (keyboards), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Juan Camilo Montañez (Sound engineering).

The group performed its first concerts in 2008 in pubs and festivals. In this first stage three records were released: “El advenimiento del castillo mujer (2006)”, “Meridian brothers VI(2009)” and “Meridian brothers VII(2011)”. In 2012, the recording of the fourth record “Desesperanza” comes to the ears of the british record label Soundway records. From this time on, the bands acquired international recognition getting reviews in influential magazines and websites. The band has released three more albums since 2012: “Salvadora Robot(2014)”, “Los Suicidas(2015)” and “¿Dónde estás María?(2017)”.

The always changing style of the Meridian Brothers explores different lines of Latin-american music from the past and present, giving a personal and histrionic view of it, creating an alternate dimension to the nowadays pop scene in the continent. Departing from styles such as salsa, boogaloo and going through experiments with genres such as noise, vallenato or tropicalia, the MERIDIAN BROTHERS have earned the reputation of cult band in Latin- America.



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