Tibetan Sand Mandala

Tibetan Sand Mandala

Tibetan Sand Mandala

The word mandala means circle, it represents the cosmos metaphysically and symbolically. A microcosm of the universe. Making a sand mandala is a meditation, you can focus your mind on this activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

During the workshop, Boomers will receive a mandala, drawn by the facilitator (not traditional Tibetan symbols) on a big piece of wood. Then, they will fill it in with colored sand (colored with natural pigments, so it can be released back to nature safely) and use the traditional Tibetan tool, the Chak-pur.

After the art piece is finished, the artists destroy it, to learn how to let go of the material things in life, that the path itself is the aim. You can let it go with the wind or choose the traditional way and take the sand with you to the next river.

This will be an opportunity connecting with others, and share meaningful, genuine interactions whilst creating an art piece and experience something new together.

Nora Lőrincz (Bio)

Nora was born in Switzerland in 1986. Raised in Hungary amongst a self-supporting community, she spent her childhood in a small village with a lot of talented people and always felt very connected to nature and arts. She graduated high school and went on to study photography for 2 years.

When she discovered sand mandalas, she felt like trying them herself, but couldn't find anyone in Europe to teach her. As such, she decided to learn on her own - now, 7 years later, she shares her art therapy workshop with the Boom community.


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