Acro Family

Acro Family

Acro Family

Acrobatics, music and tales meet to bring you a workshop for families to enjoy - promoting trust, developing the notions of space perception, and most of all providing a great time for everyone to enjoy.

In this workshp, parents interact with their children, playing with them through physical acrobatic exercises, firming their trust by means of role changing – passive and active – so that the children will assume similarly the active part in these encounters, and that we be so amazed by them, that we let ourselves be surprised by the emotions conveyed.

To the sound of tales and music, the workshop includes equilibrium exercises, jumps and spins, utilizing equilibrium and in-pairs acrobatic techniques. The activities focus as much on the development of the children’s motor skills as on their capacity to relate with other people, using the simple experiment of movement and the perception of body and space

Circus VagabunT (Bio)

Circus VagabunT is a Social & Educational Circus School ,  promotes social, physical and individual development through different circus disciplines and circus arts.  They also give circus classes around Algarve and Alentejo in Public Schools, to homeschooled kids, Waldorf School and Forest School.



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