Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Kira will be guiding you through Art Therapy and Expression painting - a workshop for all ages where no artistic skills are needed, only curiosity and courage to find out more about yourself!

Art Therapy and Expression painting are an expressive form of therapy which combine art in a creative process that nurtures us on physical, mental emotional and spiritual well/being. It is not about the creation of skillful artwork painting, but rather about finding an open flow by connecting to our inner source. A non-verbal conversation with our deeper inner origin, releasing mental control and letting ourselves engage into more essential impulses.

Art gives us an amazing opportunity to enter in the dimension of colors, shapes, forming movements inside out. It’s a journey, a colored adventure, where everyone can enjoy a pressure-free process a perfect result or norm don't exist. Within the protected settting of the Boomland, meditate and self-reflexion on our inner-being become possible. There is no need any artistic know how, just curiosity and courage!

As there is no age limit on art, this workshop is extended to both all adults and children during the festival!

Kira Maschanka (Bio)

Art therapist, dance therapist, instrument builder, and yoga teacher.  During her live travels,  she experienced that art is not just a medium of observation and reflection, art is a very powerful medicine, once we get in touch with our own creation. For 25 years, she has been sharing her work in several countries and cultures, as organiser of peace circus (Israel), workshops and personal consults in hospitals, orphanage (India), woman houses, culture centers (Spain) schools and festivals (Germany).
Art connects us all, everywhere.


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