Hands on Sacred Geometry

Hands on Sacred Geometry

Hands on Sacred Geometry

A workshop divided in two parts - first, observing and exploring the natural geometric patterns found in nature, and painting constellations to prepare phase two: the building of a spaceship at the human body scale, based on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life!

It will consist of two modules workshop to play with sacred geometry as a metalanguage. In module 1, we will have fun observing and exploring things found in nature, to recognise its natural geometric patterns. We will experiment its multiple dimensions, from seeds, flowers, fruits, to stars. Painting constellations, we will co-create geometric patterns that will be used to embellish our Spaceship Earth.

In module 2, we will build together our Spaceship Earth at the human body scale. Based in the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, we will play with circles and spirals to co-create a bio-zome architecture.

Claudia Martinho (Bio)

Claudia is a mother, bio architect, researcher, PhD in Music - Sonic Arts, acoustician, exploring aural architecture, energetic geometry, acoustic ecology, archaeoacoustics, resonant space soundscapes, vibrational sound medicine and tradicional Feng Shui.

Laura Teixeira (Bio)

Laura is a mother, architect, researcher, performer, natural builder, exploring bio structural systems, resonant architecture, raw materials, sustainable geometry, parametric design and biotecture.

Together, they facilitate the Hands on Stars - spatial intelligence workshops with kids and adults, through geometry, music, art, ecology, cosmology.

The project is linked to the 7 Petalas collective, to the 7 Petal School pilot project of Pedagooogia 3000 and the Architects 3000, worldwide networks dedicated to co-create a re-evolutionary Educative transformation.

"We are a collective of creative people from diverse backgrounds based in Portugal. In our activities we share sacred geometry and bio architecture tools to foster integral Education and consciousness transformation. All activities respect nature and engage sustainable and ecological ways of living."


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