History of a Festival

History of a Festival

History of a Festival

A proposal to a reflection on what can be a festival and what are is elements - a workshop to create awareness, raise the right questions, explore solutions together and have fun in building our own festival and its history!

A Festival is an ephemeral settlement that ends up being organised with the same logic as the one of a small town. In this workshop we will explore what are the common and representative elements of this type of settlements and invite the little ones to imagine their own festival. How would be a Boom designed by children?

The workshop aims, therefore, to create an awareness of the environment from the analysis of its constructive elements and its relation with the surroundings. What elements are present in the configuration of a festival? How can we be responsible with the surrounding environment? What can we take advantage of nature? To answer these questions we will build our own festival and its history!

Inés Sebastián Ugartetxe (Bio)

From the Basque Country,  is licensed in architecture by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, while Marta Ramírez Core, from Asturias, studied Fine Arts in different colleges of Spain and abroad. Both met in Portugal two years ago and soon realised that they had many common interests such as cultural diversity, the arts and nature 

Together, they created Arrumar-a-rua, a collective based in Lisbon that works through architecture to explore the relationships and perceptions of children with the space and the environment around them.

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