Slackline & Balance

Slackline & Balance

Slackline & Balance

A slackline workshop for beginners and advanced levels - are you ready to walk the line?

Slackline starts basically by setting a line between two fixed points and walk on it, but it goes much further than that...

Some people use this activity to clear their mind and relax. Finding your balance on the line it can also bring some balance in your life. Your core strength will improve and you will feel more focused and flexible. As your balance improves your body learns to take control letting the mind wander in ways you’ve never experienced. Deep focus and controlled breathing play a critical role in your success. If you can remain in control you’ll often find yourself in a deep form of meditation or hyper-focus, sometimes feeling like walking in the air.

There will be lines of all levels and heights (beginner to advanced) where you can improve your focus, balance and concentration going from level to level and trying different sensations while walking on the line.

The Western Riders Team (Bio)

They are group of slackliners based in Portugal, who love to practice and share their passion all around the world with as much people as possible bringing more balance to our lives. Composed by three portugueses and one brazilian, this team has been doing many projects in Portugal, showing the world the potential of this activity that  goes beyond merely taking a few steps on a rope.


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