The Incredible Garbage Circus

The Incredible Garbage Circus

The Incredible Garbage Circus

This is a workshop of construction and play with juggling material from recycled materials.

Los Hermanos Basura - the clowns in love with recycling of the Eco-team, invite the little ones to try to build their circus toys using this ... trash!

In this workshop you will be able to learn more about the garbage we produce and how to treat it to take better care of our planet...making, for example, incredible juggling objects!

Los Hermanos Basura are a pair of clowns who share a special passion, their obsession with trash!

They love recycling and above all they delight in finding games and lots of fun uses with different types of garbage. From plastic to paper, Los Hermanos Basura like to play with everything that nobody else usually wants. All this to spread the message that we have to deal with our trash and the planet thanks us! Composed by the pair of clowns Eva Ribeiro (Portugal) and Juanillo Abalos (Argentina) together specially for the Boom2018 in their trash mission!

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