Our 2018 tickets Terms & Conditions states that tickets can not be refunded. Yet, following the feedback we’ve had, we understand that sometimes circumstances of life change and some Boomers need to return their tickets. As a result, we are launching a ticket return system which we feel is fair to everyone and  where refunded tickets will be placed back on the online shop to be sold again on a first come, first served basis.

Please make sure to attentively read all the information below.


Can I change the details on a Boom ticket?

No changes can be made to personal details. Only refunds

-----Can I apply for Boom Bus tickets and Tipi Camp refunds?

Yes. The application form is available HERE.

Is there a fee for Boom Festival ticket refunds?

Yes. Refunds for festival tickets are subject to a fee of 25€.

Is there a fee for Boom Bus and Tipi Camp refunds?

Yes. Fees are as follow:

  • Boom Bus: 5€
  • Tipi 2p: 25€
  • Tipi 5p: 50€
  • Tipi 6p: 100€
  • Shared tipi: 15€
Why is there a fee for the refund?

As stated in the 2018 Tickets Terms & Conditions, “Tickets cannot be transferred, re-sold, refunded or re-issued”. As such, implementing the refund system entails a few administrative costs. 

Does applying for the waiting list mean that my ticket(s) will be refunded?

Applying for the waiting list means that your ticket will be put on the online shop for another Boomer to purchase. Your refund is guaranteed once your returned ticket has been purchased and personalised by another Boomer.

When can I apply to get a ticket refund?

From the 23th of April at 9 a.m until the 15th of June at 11.59 p.m (Portuguese time).

Where can I find the Application form?

The application form is no longer available.

How can I know about the progress on my ticket(s) refund?

Once your returned ticket has been purchased by another Boomer, you will receive a confirmation email.

When does the refund actually take place?

Individual Orders (only one ticket purchased): the refund will start being processed once the returned ticket is purchased from the online shop and fully personalised.

*Group Orders (several tickets purchased at the same time): the refund will be processed after the 30th of July.

*NOTE: Please bear in mind that even if the refund is meant for only one of the tickets of the group order, it will still only be refunded on this date.

Please read attentively the explanation on partial refunds, given by our partner:
The system of Paylogic works in a way that although a partial cancelation (e.g. multiple tickets within one order but only one is meant to be cancelled) can be done, the actual refund can only be made after the event so the other group tickets are not cancelled along, as part of an automatic security process owned by Paylogic.

How is the refund processed?

*Purchases through Boom Ambassadors: via Paypal

Purchases on the Online shop: Same method of payment as used during the purchase

*NOTE: If you do not have a Paypal account, please write us to [email protected]


When do ticket resales start?

FIRST PHASE (for applications sent between the 23th of April and the 14th of May 2018): 15th of May at 9 a.m (Portuguese time) until sold out

SECOND PHASE (for applications sent between the 15th of May and the 15th of June 2018): 16th of June at 9 a.m (Portuguese time) until sold out.

How many available tickets will there be on the online shop?


There will be available as many tickets as the refunds that have been requested on the waiting list.

How do I purchase a ticket that has been made available?

The online platform will be relaunched on our website on the 15th of May and again on the 16th of June. Please find HERE the link to access it on those dates.

Do I have to personalize my ticket(s) ?

Yes, all tickets must be personalised within 48 hours, otherwise they will be cancelled.

How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy up to 5 tickets.

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