The Boomland project

The Boomland project

We believe the human mind and its creativity is the central nucleus around which a new world can be formed. We think, therefore we become. This creative freedom is an essential component in initializing this process.

Our Vision for the Boomland

The Boomland represents an opportunity for creating a new world. The establishing of a free cultural space will allow for the human mind to expand and explore all of its possibilities, a space where arts, studying, training and creating can take place in a safe environment.

With culture as a vehicle to awaken consciousness and mutual understanding, the Boomland is a place that inspires a true global mindshift. Active participation, co-creation, and respect for both nature and humanity are just some of the principles that move this heartening project.

Our  vision is one based upon the positive values of social harmony: stimulating care and peace and rejecting elitism and mediocrity.

After many years of consciously living within this vision through the growth of the Boom Festival and the Being Gathering we feel the time has really come to unite our philosophy and vision and take it to the next level - the Boomland has become the testing ground where all of this becomes possible.

We want to create an inspiring world that will radiate out in all directions, positive examples from the heart of Boomland, a source of inspiration and education for everyone, a living proof that Oneness is possible for us all.

That’s why we want to create this new world together with you.

If you wish to know more about the Boomland project, make sure to take a look at our Made In Boomland website HERE.




Giving back to nature is at the very core of the Boomland project - our environmental plan aims to turn this area into a reserve where we can not only gain environmental knowledge but also use it for cultural events.

So, what are our main objectives?

  • Music and culture events (e.g. Boom Festival);

  • Well-being events (e.g. Being Gathering), retreats (e.g. yoga, meditation);

  • Educational courses (e.g. permaculture, bioconstruction);

  • Development of the first sustainable park of art and nature in the world: artistic and cultural projects with observation and interpretation of nature;

  • Restoration and reconstruction of the traditional infrastructure (e.g. walls, fountains, ponds).

Other activities:

  • Frequent events with a focus on sustainable living during the months of Spring and Summer;

  • Creation of art and nature paths;

  • Building sustainable support infrastructures.


Nature is where we come from. When we create a new world, Nature should be the most important factor in its creation and it’s this Oneness we want to achieve. This simple philosophy provides the environmental background and setting for our intellectual,cultural and spiritual mission.

In cooperation with local environmental experts we are developing a Forest Management Plan which will help to transform a great part of the Boomland into a Nature Reserve. In the nurturing of this area we are actively taking responsibility to limit the spread of invasive and non-endemic plant species which threaten the land. This offers us a golden opportunity to deepen environmental knowledge and gain further experience to share with others.


Following a Forest Management Plan that was developed in cooperation with local environment experts we want to turn a great part of Boomland into a nature reserve.B y nurturing this area and taking active responsibility where needed, for instance controlling the spread of invasive, non-endemic plant species, we have the opportunity to gain environmental knowledge and experience.


  • Improvement the settlement of holm oak forests, ensuring its rejuvenation in order to promote its recovery and to safeguard the forest ambience, ensuring their continuation in a long term scenario;

  • Improvement of phytosanitary conditions; the implementation of preventive silviculture techniques to lessen the risk of forest fires and the spread of pests and diseases;

  • Better soil conditions, ensuring that the reforestation contributes to the goals of not only combating desertification and good management of water resources, but also mitigation of climate change. It is a priority to adopt practices that interfere as little as possible on ecosystems.

  • Biodiversity enhancement through reforestation with native species or positive integration in the ecosystem.


  • Signaling the natural regeneration of holm oak and other species of interest (cork oak, Pyrenean oak, hawthorn, Arbutus bushes, for example) for preservation;

  • Pruning/growing training of young trees;

  • selective control of weeds in bush cover promoting areas of discontinuity and shrub grants primarily in the areas of greatest slope;

  • sanitary stamping out, phytosanitary pruning and maintenance including the treatment of residual waste;

  • Biological Fertilization maintenance;

  • Improvement of the tertiary network defence against forest fires;

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