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Participate at Boom 2020

Apply to co-create Boom 2020 under the theme of Anthropocene!

If humans are the most adapted species on the planet, it is because our intellect has evolved to a level at which we are able to collaborate, work, play and relate unlike any other species. So what is evolution? Cooperation or competition?

We co-create because we cooperate. Boom is an organism with interdependent functions that work towards completing the different stages of production.

Our existence is a reflection of the interconnected ecosystems of nature, which, with its invisible architecture, is thriving and regenerating.

So it’s not about competition. When we focus on competing, we bypass the beauty of community cooperation. We ignore all else that exists around us.

We each have a part to play at Boom: on a dance floor or behind the scenes; serving food or being served; we cooperate, so we are all; and we are contributing to a powerful community bond.

Your presence at Boom is a participatory act in itself. It’s as pure and simple as that.

Bring your talent, vision and project. Wear your art on your sleeve and express the colours of your beautiful soul. Whether you’re on the stage or not: it’s all about active participation in every capacity.

So if you haven’t already done so, please send us your proposal and let’s hear about your plans to smash it for this very special 2020 edition as we celebrate the epoch of the Anthropocene.

Applications for music, culture, arts, workshops and therapy programs have the tightest deadline, so as to give enough time for our crew and curators to thoroughly assess all applications. This is to ensure we provide you with the best program possible.Applications will remain open until the following dates and times:

31 DECEMBER, 23H59 (Portuguese Continental Time)*

*update: submission deadline for Art Installations Deco & Video, Fine Art Galleries, Workshops and Presentations, Performances, Kids Activities & Workshops and for Therapists has been extended to 31 January 2019,23H59. 



There are other ways of participating, for which you have more time (29 FEBRUARY, 23H59 ((Portuguese Continental Time)) to submit your proposal. Check below to find out which ones:


The flow of submissions has been continuous since the launch of the site. Thank you so much to Boomers who have sent us their proposals so far, and for the passion they have shown to be part of the Boom 2020 story.

Boom is a celebration of our interconnectivity. It is our honour to co-create it with you.

See you at Boomland!.