Bazaar (former Flea Market)

Bazaar (former Flea Market)

This is not your average flea market. Vendors from across the planet set up shop along the busy trajectories of Boomland where they display all manner of eccentric apparel, artesanal creations, quirky jewellery and organic products.

We seek out the most creative and imaginative stalls to participate. It is thanks to stalls like this that Boom’s heart continues to beat.

Applications must be sent no later then the 29 February 2020 at 23:59 (Portuguese time). Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

* We advise you to use a computer to submit your application. Opt for Chrome rather than other browsers. Thank you.*

Application Form

choose maximum 2 options

Stall Setup

Please write a small description of your concept and vision for your stall. Please also let us know who is the designer and where were they produced.

Please write a description of the structure and materials you intend to use for your stall.

Please let us know what is your planned schedule during the festival, informing us about what time you open and close the stall.

Products on sale

Write a description of the products you intend to sell, their origin, who’s the designer and materials.

Write what prices you practice, as also the minimum and maximum price you offer at your stall.

Stall Staff

How many people for your staff team?

Stall Measurements

Please check the image below for doubts you may have on your stall measures description.

Stall Example

If yes, please be mindful that the maximum consumption per stall is 2 KWatts at 220 volts (the equivalent to 17 low consumption lamps).


Attach to the application your product photos and stall images (only jpg. allowed max. 1MB per file)

Max file size 1MB | allowed file extensions: jpg jpeg png

Max file size 1MB | allowed file extensions: jpg jpeg png

Please add 4-5 photos (Max file size 1MB | allowed file extensions: jpg jpeg png)

Max file size 1MB | allowed file extensions: jpg jpeg png

Rental Fee

As on previous editions the renting fee for the flea market stalls for 2020 will be set per square meter (stall size), with a minimum of 12 square meters fee, adding VAT running at the time. Our fee doesn't include any worker ticket or any structure. For those that need to connect to our power grid there will be a symbolic electricity fee. Stalls located at other areas, such as Sacred Fire or Being Fields will have a reduced fee per square meter. More information regarding final rental fee will be sent for the selected ones.
Applications for Flea Market will be open from the 4 September 2019 23:00 (GMT 0) until the 29 of February 2020 23:00 (GMT 0).


The entrance tickets for Boom Festival 2020 for Flea Market employees are not included in the stall rental fee. If you’re selected and required previously, we will reserve tickets at the gates for the selected stalls that have not bought tickets for them and their staff team members. These tickets are exclusively for Flea Market employees, they are limited per stall and will have a fixed price, paid previously online.


With the submission of this application form I agree that I'm aware about all the information and registration procedures. I also agree that to change any details in this form the Boom Festival Team must be informed by letter or email. Check the box to confirm your agreement

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