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Ambassador Tickets Available Today

Ambassador tickets to Boom 2020 available starting today

Today, 1 October 2019, marks the first day of available tickets to Boom 2020 - via Ambassadors network, with regular and friendly price tickets. 

This is a milestone date as we ride together towards the 13th edition of Boom Festival. Online tickets become available on 7 October 2019. 

As announced previously in order to maintain a balance between human occupation and the environment tickets to Boom are limited.

63 Ambassadors across 60 countries and territories are connecting with Boomers around the globe, facilitating their access into the Boom 2020 experience. 

If you want to find all about your local ambassador's details on the list published on our website

Both Boomers and Ambassadors have been actively giving feedback for the last few days. We hear about Boomers setting up camp in front of stores to guarantee their place in line to get a festival ticket. Our hearts feel your support and we are giving our best to prepare a most memorable edition for you.

As a tremendously supportive community for more than two decades, you are the most important part of Boom.

Thank You, Muito Obrigado(a)