Autumn Harvest at Boomland hero image

Autumn Harvest at Boomland

Organically grown veggies and fruit are harvested at Boomland to nourish the onsite crew

Nature has graced us with a 530 kg harvest of pumpkins, quince, eggplants, watermelons and cherry tomatoes.

Everything that is grown at Boomland is done so without making use of harmful chemicals like insecticides or pesticides. And not only is everything organic, but is also grown thanks to the compost we retrieve from Boom Festival's and Boomland's toilets.

These fruits and veggies will be used in the canteen to nourish the staff who works on the land daily. 

Nature is kind and plentiful if you take the time to give back. This Autumn, we’ll be enjoying the produce of going full circle - and we have you Boomers to thank as well, for taking part in this process.