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Boom 2020 Tickets Update

A few updates and tips as online ticket release date approaches

We are humbled by the response we have witnessed over the last few days since releasing tickets via our global network of Boom Ambassadors. 

It demonstrates the confidence that you guys have in us for delivering a top quality event that will exceed expectations.

As you already know, Boom is a limited-capacity event because the ratio of people to expanse of land allows us to maintain balance and protect the surrounding environment. We walk the talk, so it only makes sense.

Sadly, this means we cannot welcome every single person with the intention to be here - and it’s totally understandable that so many of you will be feeling frustrated and disappointed, especially after you have spent time and effort trying to buy your ticket.

But we also acknowledge the kind, compassionate, considerate nature of Boomers, therefore trust you will understand the reason why Boom is a limited capacity gathering if it is to preserve the surrounding environment and maintain its quality.


Thanks to our Ambassadors, so far, Boomers of 102 nationalities will be joining us at the festival.

Furthermore, 55 out of 63 Ambassadors have sold out their allocated Boom Festival tickets, distributing them to 50 out of a total 60 countries and territories.  

The remaining eight Ambassadors are still processing payments from Boomers, thus being virtually sold out. We kindly ask you to avoid contacting these Ambassadors and opt for the online phase instead.


Our ambassadors are part of a network of long-term Boomers who are giving their all to the requests coming their way. As well as phone calls, they deal with an average 200 emails per hour, therefore we ask you for your kind patience and understanding as they work towards delivering a response to your inbox. 


If you have managed to book your ticket to Boom, please make sure that all your personal details are 100 per cent accurate. 

Do contact us immediately if you notice something on your ticket that doesn’t look right. This will allow us to make the required amendments.

Note: This is very important because it will also ensure that your entry to Boom when you reach the festival gates goes as smooth and swift as possible!


Contrary to previous editions, Ambassador tickets were launched ahead of online ticket sales via the Boom Festival website.

This measure was put in place to ensure that Boomers who could not get tickets via Ambassadors still had a possibility of booking them at a slightly later stage.


Regular online tickets will be launched 7 October 2019 at 09h00 (Portuguese Continental Time). Accommodation services, Boom Bus tickets and Children’s tickets become available at the same time. 

You’ll be landing on a waiting queue upon arrival at the ticketing platform. We’ve prepared a series of clear instructions to facilitate the whole process, so please take your time to read it while you wait for your turn. 



With thousands of Boomers vying to get ticket on the 7 October launch date, we strongly advise each of you to plan ahead to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

  • What we need you to do by 6 October: Check with your card issuer ASAP to ensure that your 3D Secure is activated and that your contact details are up to date.

    Note: Credit and debit cards are subject to differing regulations, as are payments over a certain amount.
  • If you live outside of the European Union: Let your bank know in advance that you plan to send a transaction to Europe and find out if there is a possibility of the payment being refused. 

Thank you for being YOU. We continue to remain diligent to your feedback and requests. Muito Obrigado(a).