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Boom & United European Festivals

Boom & other European festivals address Covid-19 impact on festival scene

Microcosm and macrocosm, the individual and the collective, me and us. These polarities bring food for thought amidst pandemic times. They make us wonder how we may bridge opposing notions, materialise ideas into action, and bring our voices in unison in name of the Whole. 

The pandemic is having a serious impact on Boom. We took the risky decision of rescheduling the 2020 edition to 22 - 29 July 2021 (Full Moon), guided by our principles, ethos and sense of responsibility towards Boomers.

On a positive note, we’ve been taking part in projects which aim at bringing people together even when the circumstances force us to be apart.

Right now, Boom is part of the platform Unite - Let The Music Unite Us, and supports the statement recently published by United European Festivals, in which several psychedelic festivals are involved.

While our DNA is undeniably rooted in psychedelic culture, along the years we’ve built upon it and added other essential layers to expand modern psychedelia - like ecology, culture, spirituality, psychedelic science, knowledge and the multidisciplinary arts.

It brings us immense joy to witness the psychedelic movement, which we cherish so deeply, coming together to support the scene. As diverse and different as we all may be, this is a what true unity can look like. 

Have a look at the full statement HERE