Ticket Resale Platform hero image

Ticket Resale Platform

In 2020 you can sell your ticket to another Boomer. Read more to know how

There will be the possibility of reselling your Boom Festival 2020 ticket on a third-party platform.

For now, here is the information available about the process:

  • Each resale will incur a fee.
  • You will be selling your ticket to another random Boomer - this ensures fairness and prevents black market operations.
  • You can only resell festival tickets - in other words, Accommodation and Boom Bus tickets cannot be resold.
  • This process is meant to happen within the Boomer community, without our mediation. Therefore, there are no ticket refunds.
  • You can resell tickets bought either via Ambassador or Online.
  • As this is a third-party online platform via which it is impossible to check each Boomer's national residency, all tickets submitted for resale must be sold at the Regular Price.
  • The dates for the opening of this platform is yet to be announced. 

We'll release more information in the early months of the year 2020. Stay tuned with our newsletter and other official communication channels.