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Boom & UNITE - Let The Music Unite Us

Boom joins collaborative project UNITE - Let The Music Unite Us during quarantine

Recently we shared our playlists “Música na Quarentena” and “Cultura na Quarentena”. Now we want to share something new. The present circumstances appeal to our sense of oneness.

Boom Festival is part of the project UNITE - Let The Music Unite Us, a creative platform in which a wide range of partners, supporters and trancers worldwide collaborate to provide the community with a unique experience.

We’re DJs, producers, labels, festival and party promoters who in the last 25+ years have been touched by the love which has radiated from an extraordinary psychedelic scene. We want to give back once again.

In these challenging times, it aims at connecting the scene with a message of hope and union through music.

This is an independent and non-profit project, created by active members of the global psychedelic community.

Follow the website on to learn more about it and to keep up with the upcoming events.