Wintertime 2020/2021 at Boomland (Part 1) hero image

Wintertime 2020/2021 at Boomland (Part 1)

Unveil the freshest photo compilation of local winter life

Explore the photo gallery below to see what's happening at Boomland in this 2020/2021 winter! In order:

(1) Compost toilet at Young Dragons

(2) Art at Sacred Fire

(3) Taking care of veggie garden

(4 ) New water treatment plant (work in progress). It will treat up to 7 million litres of water from the festival, which will later be reused for land regeneration. 

(5) Where is it? 

(6) Art at the Being Fields

(7) Art on Compost toilets

(8) Relocated art piece at Boomland

(9) A stunning view

(10) The beautiful moon that welcomed us