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Ticket Resale Platform

Third-party platform Ticketswap available for Boom 2020/2021 tickets

Boom Festival relies on support via ticket revenue to survive. The Portuguese ticketing legislation within the COVID-19 context is referred to in the decree-law n.º 10-I/2020 from 26 March 2020. Thus, Portuguese law is able to find a compromise between the promoter and the ticket holder. Still, we acknowledge that some Boomers may not be able to attend the festival in July 2021.

In this sense we’ll enable a third-party platform on which Boomers can place their festival tickets,  accommodation services and Boom Bus tickets for resale.

Given the present global situation, it is not possible to define a date for launching the platform yet. Countless variables, which are out of our grasp, may influence this date.

This platform will only be made available once the situation has normalised and countries around the world are no longer under an emergency state. This is to ensure the process is as fair as possible and that all Boomers can access it equally.

A FAQ is available to shed light upon this topic. More updates will be provided via our newsletter in the months to come.