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Cultivate Ravesilience

A community page to share initiatives that contribute to cultivating Ravesilience

This silent 2020 summer, in the wake of widespread festival cancellations, reschedulings, and club closures, we coined the term, Ravesilience, a coupling of rave (wild, free, frenzied, fiery expression of pleasure) and resilience (the ability to resist or adapt to challenges).

In other words, Ravesilience is the adaptability, toughness, elasticity and endurance of the spirit of rave that bounces back no matter the obstacle. 

To maintain a connection to the community of audiophiles and bass junkies, to create virtual group therapy spaces while Covid-19 continues to prevent reunions on dancefloors, to nerd out over the ins and outs of festival production, to politicise the scene and spark debate (because commercial and independent event productions have been impacted very differently by the pandemic), to explore the tools and strategies to keep art, music, dance and cultural events alive in the middle of immense uncertainty. 

To achieve some of these things, we are producing podcasts, hosting virtual meet-ups, writing articles, sharing content, generally facilitating the exchange of ideas, vibes and values. 

What you can find on this page:

  • List of Initiatives
  • Ravesilience: Converging the Underground (August 2020 Online Stream)
  • Boom Toolkit for Covid-19
  • Música & Cultura na Quarentena playlists (Portuguese for 'Music and Culture during Quarantine') 



Here you can find crowdfunding campaigns, community support initiatives, grassroots projects to share resources and requests for any kind of help.

We are defining what is Ravesilience together, so we are open to hear and support all kinds of projects that contribute to keep the global independent revelling scene alive and thriving.

Please reach out if you'd like to add an initiative. 

Petition to save ADM, one of the oldest free cultural spaces in the Netherlands.

​​​​​Boomland is managed by IdanhaCulta, a non-profit association with several associates, one of them is Good Mood (that organises Boom Festival). IdanhaCulta was born in the region of Idanha-a-Nova and develops environmental, educational, recreational and cultural projects.

An association for the international night-time industry formed in the aftermath of the Covid-19 state of emergency.

Fundraiser for providing immediate support for musicians in real financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Collaborative platform emerged to convey a message of unity and love to the psychedelic community during pandemic times. Several members of the scene are working daily to curate a program streamed every weekend worldwide.

Streaming platform and fundraisers from the underground techno scene.

Support the Palestinian independent radio broadcasting Arab artists.

Crowdfunding in support of one of the oldest Free Cultural Spaces in Europe.

A collection of fundraisers for the Australian event scene.



Watch Ravesilience: Converging the Underground