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Our Principles

Boom's ethos is based on 10 guiding principles


Alternative culture sprout from a multitude of subcultural movements and mindsets. It can be seen to define those who dare to think differently from the so-called 'mainstream' and those who explore regenerative ways of navigating life.

We have witnessed it rise from the roots of working class and socialist movements and seen it manifest by association through music, whether it’s punk, techno, hip-hop, roots-reggae or dub. 

For thousands of years, dance celebrations have had the potential to cultivate spaces for creative self expression and to manifest values of inclusivity and equity as an alternative to the patriarchy. 

At Boom, we are honoured to witness how such values are driven forth by the intentions and convictions of such an immense cultural movement.


You only need to look around you to witness the proactive nature with which people participate at Boom. Performers, activists, artists are all around us and the lines between the stage and the audience are at times even blurred.  

So come, intervene, participate, help, meet people and free yourself from social conditioning: there’s an infinite world within you waiting to be released!


The human being is a creative being, capable of producing or feeling art, thus connecting with an extra-sensorial and spiritual dimension. This ability also allows us to create new models fundamental to an evolving global consciousness.


There are many definitions to humanism. At Boom, it is defined as caring for each other and respecting each other’s differences. Our kindness and compassion is what makes us human and what makes us Boomers.


We dedicate our festival to resisting cultural and social forces that encourage conformity and isolation. We believe in a culture of interdependence where we are free of corporate exploitation, thus creating a festival by the people, for the people.


Peace should be a basic human right. Radical activist movements across the planet continue reiterating Martin Luther King’s infamous statement: “No justice, no peace.”

For this reason, Boom supports justice as a human right too, which is why the principles of justice manifest within the cultural program and encompass the narratives of those who have fought for it so that harmonious communities can evolve. 


The language of unconditional love is simple: it generates life, it lights us with compassion and aligns us at the highest purpose of our being. 
There is no denying that the history of humanity is riddled with conflict. But love still holds a fundamental truth at its core: that it should be the guiding principle of cooperation among all living beings; supporting, respecting and honouring nature. 


We are part of an interconnected network of life forms in the universe. So for every edition of Boom, it is our intention to create a collective experience that will awaken us to the sentiment we are in all things, and all things are in us. 


Can social consciousness and the party life go hand in hand? Complex geopolitical climates dictated by greed continue leaving millions without homes, water, food and dignity. With this in mind, we have curated a cultural program with an action plan dedicated to the local vicinity. It encompasses socially-conscious projects that promote ecology, economic equality and the contribution of funds to local NGOs through the Boom Karuna Project.


Everything we do is to leave a positive impact on the nature, every single action is towards the regeneration of ecosystems, with a special emphasis of the work we do at Boomland. We have aimed to transform the impact of the humans into something constructive by boosting the fertility of the land. This means we aim to transform the way people absorb, influence and use the natural, social and cultural environment. This will allow the generation of solutions that can be applied to much wider contexts too.