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Sustainability is about supporting people too 

Boom Karuna Project

The Boom Karuna Project was born in 2014 with the intention of sharing a part of Boom’s revenues with the local Idanha-a-Nova community and beyond.

In the aftermath of Boom 2018, we distributed a total €40,000 to various projects. Learn more about one of our most beloved projects on the Boom Karuna Project page.

Part of our mission entails funding social initiatives in the region - here are just some examples of how we do this:


  • Between October 2017 and October 2018, the Boom Team comprised 29 different nationalities
  • 84 per cent of people working for Boom were from the local area
  • A total of 13.3 per cent (214) of the staff employed were from the Castelo Branco region

Boom Build suppliers (equipment, tools and materials)

  • Total: 203 
  • Local: 183 (90 per cent)
  • Regional: 63 (31 per cent)

Suppliers of restaurants and bars (we provide all restaurants with a list of local and regional suppliers)

  • Total: 35
  • Local: 73 per cent
  • Organic: 51 per cent

Suppliers Boom Team canteen

  • Total: 30
  • Local: 22

* We consider as "Local" suppliers based in Portugal. "Regional" are the ones from the Idanha-a-Nova and Castelo Branco regions.