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A Nice Boom

A little bit of preparation goes a long way

Boom is the walk-in model of an alternative reality, a social experiment geared to finding a positive approach towards the challenges of the Anthropocene. To get the most out of this experience, we only have to open our minds, to let go and to become one with what surrounds us.


National Identity vs. Oneness / Digital Connection vs. the Here & Now

As a gathering of free spirits, we keep the rules as minimal as possible. However, to encourage an open state of mind, we would like to share some thoughts about spiritual hygiene.

National flags symbolise subgroups rather than our multinational gathering as a whole. They interfere with a state of Oneness, and we kindly ask you not to bring any to Boom Festival.

Mobile phones are fast-track lanes to getting out of the Here & Now. While they seem to connect us with the world, they really isolate us from the people and impressions around us. Every time we document and share the moment, we're actually out of it. Disconnect to connect with Boom. One of our mottos is: Unplug to Connect.

Selfie sticks are the sceptres of 21st century narcissism, boosting the ego rather than the conscious enjoyment of the moment. Also, they prevent us from interaction with our social surroundings. The greatest memories won't fit on the biggest memory card. Be here; be now.

Where are you from? An innocent question with a catch, as the answer tends to incubate your mind with a set of national stereotypes. It's like hoisting national flags inside your head. We encourage you to avoid the most obvious question when meeting new people and get to know them as who they are, rather than where they are from.

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