Winter 2021/2022 at Boomland (Part 2) hero image

Winter 2021/2022 at Boomland (Part 2)

Have a look at the latest regeneration works and novelties expecting you at Boom 2022 this year

Here’s part II of our Winter 2021/2022 photo report. Nature might be more dormant during this period but our tender care towards her needs and those of Boomers never stopped:

(1) From up close: the semi-permanent wooden structure of the new #AlchemyCircle music stage.

(2) The contention basin, part of our new wastewater treatment system, seen from above. In the back, our new Torii Gates, inspired by the Japanese Shinto tradition. They serve as welcoming points for each Boomer upon arrival on the land and are symbols of both transition and transformation.

(3) The Pônsul river is the main tributary of our lake. It is 82 km long and has a confluence with the Tejo River around 60 km south of the Boom lake. 

(4) The Being Fields, guardians of our dense native forest.

(5) Totem at Alchemy Circle, do you remember it from #BoomFestival2018 ?

(6) New swales uphill from the Being Fields. From these spots you have a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings.

(7) A breath-taking panorama from the lake, taken from the Being Fields, not far from the River Pônsul on your right.

(8) We love to transform dead trees into wonderful sculptures. 

(9) Sheep are good friends. They fertilise the soil, keep pastures healthy, and provide us with wool, one of the best textiles for the cold winter in this area.

(10) A Winter sunset, irradiating over the the biomimetic heart-shaped Alchemy Circle music stage, where we will soon be dancing together again.

We’re highly inspired by the honour of welcoming you again next Summer.