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Boom Wins 2022 Eco Award

The festival stood out once again in the sustainability sector

Boom won the International Greener Water and Sanitation Award 2022. It is the 10th environmental award Boom gets since 2008.

On the past 28th of February, in London, Boom was once again recognised as one of the most ecological festivals in the world. The independent entity A Greener Festival Awards decorated Boom with the AGF Water and Sanitation Award. It recognises a festival who show clear environmental concern in their water usage and sanitation provisions, by reducing water usage and waste, minimising production and poo miles, eliminating unnecessary chemicals and separating liquid waste streams to allow natural biological processes to harness valuable nutrients.

AGF (A Greener Festival) reveals 29 events and arenas from 11 countries as finalists in the International AGF Awards 2023. Awards are given across 9 important sustainability categories, including power, water, food and travel, and the top accolade of the International Greener Festival Award 2023.

As noted by the A Greener Festival organisation, “Boom continue to show their dedication to minimising their environmental impact in every way, and now with 100% compost toilets that use no chemicals, permanent showers built with recycled materials, separation of toilet liquids and solids — using the solids for compost to fertilise the site, and a brand new on-site water treatment station that can process up to 7 million litres of grey water for reuse on site… Boom really pulls out all the stops and then some when it comes to water and sanitation!”.

Having been nominated in four categories of "The International Greener Festival Awards” — “Circular Event Award", "Pied Piper Award", "AGF Water and Sanitation Award" and "Greener Innovations Award” —  Boom also collected the Highly Commended Award, that signifies a well-managed environmentally aware festival, which has taken significant steps to reduce waste, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to engage with the audience.

The organisation attributed this award by considering that Boom “have demonstrated a passionate drive for a greener festival with a focus on best practice going forwards. The team have shown excellent efforts and a clear determination to continue to improve, to protect the environment and enhance positive stakeholder connections”.

To note that Boom's Environmental Program is not sponsored. It’s a fully independent strategy, financed by ticket sales and developed by the Boom Festival in partnership with several organisations. Its success depends upon the contribution of countless volunteers and upon all the Boomers who have fully integrated Boom's ethos into their lives.

Boom will continue its mission in protecting and regenerating precious Mother Earth. Know more about Boom’s sustainability practices at the following Eco Letter.

Thanks for being a Boomer.