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Messages of Radical Love

Eco award, 2023 news, tickets & more

Boomland was blessed with lots of water during the Winter and now that the Spring breeze is drifting over Portugal, we’re slowly emerging from a positive process of sensing and visioning for the 2023 edition. While we reflect on the various nuances of Radical Love, we would like to share some news with the beautiful Boom community.




Goa is rocking. The festival season is alive and kicking. People from around the world are being united by the arts, spreading across special points on the planet, and pursuing lifestyles away from dominant culture.

Some of the elements that together form the core essence of Boom (Goa psychedelic scene and festival culture) are in full swing. What a joy! While we enjoy the moment and reflect on impermanence, we look back at the global pandemic that we as humans lived through together – it now feels like a dark, foggy mirage…

In these times of misinformation and polarisation, looking deeply at who we are and honouring others in all their complexity are pointers to developing Radical Love. That beautiful feeling, a form of empathy that unites divisions.

We are inviting a number of people from the community to reflect on a series entitled “One Minute of Radical Love”. May we all inspire each other.



Through careful management of Boomland, we’ve accomplished a lot in a region of the world that is experiencing major changes in temperature and systemic drought. And we've been recognised for it. Since 2008, Boom Festival has won 10 sustainability awards, monitored by independent entities (the International A Greener Festival Awards and the European Festival Awards, for example).

The most recent was the International A Greener Festival Water & Sanitation Award that honoured the 2022 edition for its efficient compost toilets and the brand new water treatment plant.

We’ve released a video summarising the Boom Environmental Program in 2022 – check it out. Thank you all for being part of this noble mission.




In a time where events are distilled into e-flyers with endless lists of line ups, not announcing the official program on social media is a move of Radical Love. It is a respectful act that reflects the depth of content, the variety of arts, the talent of artists, the curiosity of the public and the inter-relational bonds between all of them.

The Boom experience is more than line ups. It is a fusion of arts, culture, music and well-being, all mingled in nature. It is environmental sensitivity, fuelled by a production guided by ethical principles. And, of course, it is inspired by a wonderful audience from all over the world. Together, these are just some of the ingredients that make Boom, Boom.

Honouring our beautiful community of artists, facilitators and therapists, in the coming months you will start to see visions of the 2023 edition program on the Boom Festival website.

As is tradition, we follow certain principles: we’re joining upcoming talents with established artists; we’re piecing together a multidisciplinary program guided by our psychedelic DNA; we’re supporting a wider representation of human beings, backgrounds and generations; the international program has representatives from all over the world, without forgetting local talent; we’re playing with concepts, not names, focusing on content, not formulas, with state of the art sound systems and technical equipment; and we’re also selecting many artists, facilitators and therapists following the application process, thank you!




After every edition, we listen to your feedback and, where we can, make improvements in response. These are just some of the improvements we’re making for the 2023 edition:

  • Better campsite for tents: We’ve been working hard on pruning old tree branches and opening up more space for tents on the campsite.
  • New spaces for caravans: To improve your comfort and due to the risk of fire in various sectors of Caravan Park B, we’re opening new spaces for caravans. We’ll publish a guide with comprehensive information nearer the time of the festival.
  • A new camping space: The Lizard Camp is an answer for Boomers who need to stay in a more relaxed place at Boomland. Tickets for Lizard Camp become available on Monday 27 March at 09:00 Portuguese Continental Time. In total, there are 170 tents with space for 530 Boomers. Click here to learn more about this new space.
  • Area for eco and social change: We’re presenting a new hub dedicated to ecotools, hands-on permaculture and a Boomland eco-technology showroom. It will also present social initiatives – go to the Central Plaza and be inspired.
  • Measuring the impact and regenerative efforts: To improve the festival's environmental regeneration, we’ll measure Boom's footprint, while always applying our paradigm that is based on the interdependence of natural variables.
  • Sustainable food menus: Food at Boom is delicious. In order to make informed choices about food with less impact on the planet, we are going to measure the footprint of food vendors' menus in a more intuitive and objective way. Stay tuned!
  • An extra full day of music and arts in The Gardens: To help with the landing and integration experience at Boom, music in The Gardens area will play for one more full day, starting at 21:00 on 20 July and ending at 18:00 on 27 July.

And much, much more, we can't wait to host you at Boomland!




“Boom happened in 2022 and is now happening again in 2023. Does that mean it will be annual?”. The answer is “No”. Boom will not be an annual festival. It is taking place in 2023 for a variety of reasons, instigated by the pandemic. You can read all the reasons why on our website.




With 93% of all tickets sold, with Boomers representing 175 countries and territories so far, it's fair to say that we could be close to sell out the 2023 edition. This is one of the last opportunities to get your festival ticket. More information is available on our Ticket page.

We thank the entire community for the incredible support it has given us to produce an independent festival, without sponsors, that gets life from and lives for its community. Using three Portuguese words of gratitude: “Obrigado”, ”Bem Haja”, “Gratidão”.