Nataraj Dance Stage hero image

Nataraj Dance Stage

Feel the ancient magic of rhythmic movement and its capability to push limits

See it, feel it, give it a spin yourself: traditional and contemporary dance shows turn into workshops. An interactive feedback loop of transcendental movement.

The moonlit hours are dedicated to a sophisticated program. It explores the unique relationship between body, mind and music in different cultures at different points in time. Just watching these shows is truly mind-bending.

But you can go one step further too...  Day time is workshop time at the Nataraj Dance Stage. It brings the chance to meet performers from the night before and practice some awesome new grooves. The Nataraj Dance Stage hosted 28 hours of shows and workshops in 2022.

Feel the ancient magic of rhythmic movement in this sparkling space, and its capability to push the limits of our visionary mind.

The program is continuously updated as we journey towards the festival dates.

(Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic at all. Just the opposite. They disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.)