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Boom Vision

A truly psychedelic global gathering of music, arts, culture & hands-on sustainability

Boom is a transformational, psychedelic, changemaking gathering; a contemporary ritual to the rhythmic beats of a timeless drum. It’s a joyous summit of free spirits who arrive from every corner of the world to converge by the shores of a sparkling lake, and with the blessings of the moon, to celebrate life, freedom, peace, love and respect of nature. In other words: the finest things that make us human.

As the festival enters its quarter century of existence, we deepen the vision and reinvent ourselves to be in service of a truly life-changing experience, which in support of thriving life, aims to inspire both individual and collective transformation.

Out of daily routines, away from our comfort zones, we dive into the unknown to dance, laugh, love, learn, play, listen, support, create, participate and evolve.