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Liminal Village

Connect and co-create a new future with kindred activist spirits

Knowledge is power and it inspires the ethos of the Liminal Village where a gathering of dancing bodies also means a gathering of activated minds.

This 'conference' area was pioneered back in 2002 as a platform for presentations, master classes, discussion panels, lectures, workshops and documentaries. It has since become a space for engaging audiences with the ingenuity, thoughts, actions and projects of some of the world’s most powerful global voices.

The ‘Liminal’ — meaning the space in between — is a point of metamorphosis where transformation takes place and when visions crystalise into reality. 

There were 140h30 hours of talks, discussions and conferences at the Liminal Village during Boom 2022. 

Liminal at Boom 2023 is inspired by the Radical Love theme and will feature a plethora of thought-provoking films and discussions about some of the most important issues relevant to our existence as a species on the planet today.

This year’s Liminal Village program will deepen the many aspects of Radical Love that resonate with our commitment to strive towards Oneness. How do we aim for a Oneness that is not sameness? For a diversity that is braver? What is holding us back from being One with each other and collectively?

And what does “being One” even mean? How do we include the points of view of marginalised and discriminated identities, while keeping a communitarian approach that doesn’t lead to separation and polarisation?

To attempt to make sense of an increasingly complex reality, we will learn tools to navigate disagreements, express consent, and deal with failures, with a pinch of irony. We will rejoice with those who chose shameless self-expression as a life mission.

And we will discover what ethical porn and the rewilding of the body are all about. We will dissect the relationship between psychedelics, social justice and capitalism, while reflecting if permaculture can be decolonised, if AI is stealing our imagination, if our connection to the land can be a love story, and if consensual touch can be liberating.

But the glue keeping us all together will be the timeless power of music to destroy walls, to transcend differences, and to help us remember, once again, that we came here to dance, together.

The program is continuously updated as we journey towards the festival dates.

(Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic at all. Just the opposite. They disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.)