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Being Fields

Fill your mind, body and soul with Radical Love

An area entirely dedicated to practices which nourish the body, mind, and soul; the Being Fields are akin to a festival within a festival. 

Why is it so important to feed the mind and the soul, just like we take care of our body? Because it is the path of no return to self-knowledge.

Radical Love is all about recognition — of ourselves, others and everything in between —, but as important as recognizing it is to respect it.

At the end of the day, "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are". This quote, normally attributed to the writer Anaïs Nin, is also a Talmudic idea about dream analysis: people can only dream about things they have encountered or thought about, and so their dreams consists not of reality — whatever that is — but is instead a version filtered through the lens of the dreamer's experience. 

Amidst the luscious green gardens and the peacefulness of the Being Fields, you can find an opportunity to put all this into practice with your fellow Boomers — regardless of your beliefs and convictions.

At Boom 2023, activities range from yoga to water therapy, as well as various other practices including medicinal sessions, meditation, indigenous rituals, healthy eating workshops, martial arts, sound journeys and many more.

It all starts with the rising sun and extends into the late hours of the night, catering for all levels of ability. 

(Please don't bring selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags. They are not transcendental or psychedelic - just the opposite. They disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.)